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Woweb is a is an internet development company that combines experience in business and programming to produce innovative, technological solutions.

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Website Development
What is included in custom Website Development.

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For a website design quote, features and functions.

Sell products with an online E-Commerce Store website
Our online store program is a full-featured, powerful e-commerce solution capable of running easily on shared or dedicated servers and on a variety of server platforms, allowing you to easily Sell Products Online.

E-commerce Store Features
Full description of our e-commerce store features.

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What is e-Business
Every business can benefit in some way from using e-Business. Simple, low cost or free technology is available to help you.

Benefits of databases
This guide describes the various types of databases and system available and provides guidance on how to choose the best solution for your business needs.

What is a database?
A database is a collection of data which has been organised so that a computer program can quickly select desired items.

Types of database systems
The type of database system or tool that you require depends on a number of factor.

Database Systems Development
Databases can benefit practically any business that needs to process information. Many databases are used to develop specific applications, such as sales ordering systems, ticket reservation systems, inventory management,.

Database Business Benefits
For most businesses, the more you know about your customers, your suppliers, and your competitors, the better. Therefore the gathering, storing and processing of information in the form of databases can provide you with a distinct advantage.

Database Availability and Costs
Databases range in price from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. Most Database packages allow you to start off quite modestly and allow you to increase as your requirements grow.

Potential drawbacks of in house development
You can develop your own applications in-house - however, the skills required are often quite extensive. You may not have the necessary skills available to undertake your own systems development and will have to consider employing outside help.

Questions to ask a database supplier
Before implementing a database solution, you might find it useful to ask any potential suppliers the following key questions.

Web Hosting
The best Hosting available in the world. Premium Internap Unmetered Burstable Bandwidth Uptime. Quad Core, Xeon CPU servers.

Web Design and Development
The Company, web design and development, our policies. Great value professional web development.

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